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Freeze drying machine

Freeze drying machine
Detailed introduction:

Pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine: Pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine is the main product of pinhong pharmaceutical machine. Users can choose different functions and configurations according to their actual situation to provide customized services.

Technical features:

Fully meet the requirements of GPM, FDA and other regulations on the equipment;

The unique patented technology of plate layer production has good flatness and high temperature control precision;

Automatic welding and helium mass spectrometer leak detection are adopted to ensure no leakage in the box;

VHP hydrogen peroxide disinfection interface is reserved;

The position of the hydraulic cylinder is monitored online to ensure the accurate positioning of the inlet and outlet materials and reduce the broken screen rate;

The control system is based on net SCADA, and the software meets the requirements of 21cfr Part II.

Optional function & Configuration

SIP online sterilization CIP online cleaning;

External CIP cleaning station;

VHP hydrogen peroxide disinfection;

Automatic feeding and discharging function;

Reversible discharge plate layer;

Piston / screw compressor.

The selection parameters of freeze dryer are shown in the table below




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